Overview of Office Design

Interior design is the professional assembling and designing of finishes and fixtures that are suited to the clients’ needs, taste and sensibilities with particular attention to a spaces purpose. It is now known that our surroundings have a great effect on how we feel, act and perform. With this in mind, our working environment can make a huge difference when it comes to happiness at work and the resulting productivity. Office design has evolved so that the people within the office space are of primary importance and all interior design decisions are made with this in mind.
Javic Royal Concept Ltd Interiors always considers the varied spaces required for different types of work such as focused work, team work, confidential work, general task work, as well as places to meet and eat. We make sure that the proximity of facilities are situated close to the user for easy access, so that there is choice when changing work tasks.
We consider the corporate culture of the company, home as well as individual needs for the introverts and extroverts that combine to form a team. Colour and texture play an important role in creating a comfortable and inspiring work setting for all staff within a corporate interior environment. Consideration is also given to temperature control, sufficient lighting, acoustics, ergonomics, the health and safety of the staff members and security. All the aspects that would combine to form successful, well utilised, office interiors.We’re a design company that specializes in in interior, graphics and art consultation for the hospitality, retail, commercial and residential industries; including but not limited to, luxury apartments, corporate offices, retail spaces, private homes, hotels, restaurants, salons, spas and design studios.
Our design style is true classic contemporary – taking the basic elements of interior design: color, light, texture and pattern while carefully applying more calculating principles: balance, proportion, scale, rhythm and contrast to create a harmonious functional space.