Our Services

In order to better understand your specific needs and expectations, we work closely with you. We begin by designating a dedicated client team with the exclusive task of examining each step in your logistics chain. It is our job to understand the nature of your business and assist you in optimizing your logistics processes.

Working in conjunction with you, we will develop, implement and maintain standard operating procedures that will suit your specific needs. Our highly skilled team members take care of your goods as much as you do, so that your goods arrive safely and quickly.

Customer Satisfaction

  • done_all We work 24 hours X 365 days to ensure total commitment to our customers.
  • done_all Our expert knowledge combined with our comprehensive GIT Insurance Policy gives you the peace of mind for safety of your goods.
  • done_all Every truck is equipped with GPS satellite tracking system to provide transparent/accurate information about the location of a truck, to facilitate advance planning for loading, offloading and delivery schedules.
  • done_all Our staff has extensive operational experience and is able to provide effective support and advice at every stage of the operation.
  • done_all Our ability to provide any number of trucks for loading everyday on a dedicated basis, gives you a comfort of continuity in operations and daily dispatch of goods, so that you can achieve maximum sales.
  • done_all We provide pan Nigeria service through our dedicated branches.